How to pack for a destination party or wedding

How to pack for a destination party or wedding

How to pack for a destination party or wedding


Earlier this week I was driving around admiring all the beautiful colors on the leaves when I realized it’s time to start thinking about romantic fall weddings and festive holiday parties. More specifically, thinking about how to pack when you have a great party to go to. Everyone loves getting invited to a party in an exciting location, but often packing for a special event can up the stress level. On top of your normal vacation clothes, you also need to fit in a special dress, extra shoes, makeup, and a party handbag. For me, this is when the nightmares begin over the fear of the airlines losing my luggage and having to go to the party in the same leggings and t-shirt I wore on the plane.  Just thinking of that is giving me chills.


The good news is that Ellemichelle can help.  Our Travel Sets are designed to easily transition from fancy party to causal brunch, and almost everything in-between while taking up less room in your luggage. Keep reading below to learn how to mix the reversible travel pieces with items in your own wardrobe to create stress-free packing options for your next destination party vacation. And travel with beauty and style. 



Packing LIst:  Ellemichelle Cami Top + Ellemichelle Midi Skirt + Jeans +  T-Shirt + Sweater + Cardigan + Casual Bag, Belt, and Shoes + Evening Bag,  Evening Shoes, and Evening Wrap 

The party

Ellemichelle Cami Top + Ellemichelle Midi Skirt + Evening Bag, Shoes, &  Wrap 

 Mix the Ellemichelle Cami Top with the Ellemichelle Midi Skirt to create a sophisticated evening dress look. Next, add party shoes and an evening bag to set the mood. Don’t forget a soft wrap to keep the chill away during those cooler months.


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Morning  Brunch

Ellemichelle Cami top + Jeans + Cardigan + Casual Bag, Belt, and Shoes 

 Keep it casual cool by mixing the reversible Ellemichelle Cami Top, skinny jeans, and a cozy cardigan sweater. Want to bring it up a level? Just add heels and a small bag to feel 100% brunch ready.


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Just Chilling 

Ellemichelle Midi Skirt + Sweater+ Sneakers

 Create that relaxed sneakers and skirt look by mixing the Ellemichelle Midi skirt with a sweater and comfy sneakers. Feeling cold? Try layering the look with a casual jacket. 


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Date Night 

Ellemichelle Cami Top + Ellemichelle Midi Skirt + Casual Bag, Belt, and Shoes 

 Mix the Ellemichelle Cami Top with the Ellemichelle Midi Skirt to create a sexy evening dress. Add casual heels, a belt, and a bag to give your look date night style. Finish the look with a printed wrap or a casual jacket to match the mood.


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Shopping and The Sights

Ellemichelle Midi Skirt + Favorite Tee + Casual Jacket + sneakers

 Need a little something to run around town? Flip the Ellemichelle Midi Skirt over to the print side and pair it with a soft tee layered under a casual jacket. I showed denim here, but this works just as well with a leather. To keep it trend current add walkable flat sneakers or block heel boots.


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Running around with the kids

 Ellemichelle Cami Top + Sweater + Jeans + sneakers

 Layer the Ellemichelle Cami Top under a sweater for added warmth and coverage. Add jeans and flats for a casual go-anywhere and do everything feel.


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The reversible Ellemichelle Travel Set

Hand Wash



Reversible Style


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