New Year. New Ideas. And a Little Vacation Dreaming.

New Year. New Ideas. And a Little Vacation Dreaming.

New Year. New Ideas. And a Little Vacation Dreaming.

 Raise your hand if you are happy 2020 is over! Yes, this is me with two hands high in the sky doing a little dance. Ok, it’s actually a really big dance.  I am trying my hardest to feel a little optimism and hope in this new year.   As you already know I decided to not create any new designs last year due to the state of everything. A clothing line designed to make packing a suitcase and jumping on a plane easy is just not a very marketable idea in a pandemic. But I do have good news! I'm excited to tell you all that I have decided it is time to move forward with new designs for 2021!!  So, I am officially declaring it NEW YEAR, NEW IDEAS. This year things are going to be a little different.  Over the past few months, I have spent lots of time reflecting on what exactly this Ellemichelle project is moving forward. Truth is I don’t have a clear answer yet, but what I do know is that it's going to need to shift from what the original vision was.  To start off I have decided to start merchandising the line a little differently. This year in place of one grand line presentation I will be going with individual product drops throughout the year as I try and build the new Ellemichelle concept. I am so happy you are here to make this shift with me.



To kick this off, my first drop will be my new Vacation Dreaming sweatshirts and joggers. This will be my first time designing a print on demand product. My design work in the past has always been about making the apparel patterns and then stitching up the garments. Never have I tried to make a graphic image for a shirt before.  I will admit I am both a little nervous and completely excited about this project. After a year off it feels really good to be designing again and learning new things.

Sketches of new sweatshirt designs.



The Vacation Dreaming theme for the new shirts is inspired by my own longing to travel during the COVID shutdown. Over the past year I have notice, every time I reach for a cup from the shelf, I pick the one that reminds me of someplace I wish I could be at now. Then there was the two months I spent learning to make Greek coffee in the little copper pot just like the cup I had every morning in Greece. And I have noticed I have become addicted to the show House Hunters International just to get a glimpse of the unique architecture some place far from here. Something about these travel memories brings me comfort during this past year of uncertainty. For the Vacation Dreaming shirts I decided to try and capture that comfort feeling of vacation daydreams with graphics of places we all wish we could fly off to. It is all about dreaming of escape.


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