Ellemichelle Style is a small independent clothing line inspired by and for travel. Thoughtfully designed and made in San Francisco, CA by Lana Michelle Block.

 Here is Lana's story

It was in my 30's that I developed a love of travel. At that time my husband was traveling 1-2 weeks a month for business and my daughter and I would try join him as much as we could. We saw many amazing places with the highlight being a 3 month stay in Shanghai, China in 2012. At the beginning of each trip, I would often find myself stressing about what and how much to pack. And at the end of the trip, I would be stressing over how to fit all the souvenirs into my bag to go home.  In 2017, after completing my second degree in fashion, I decided to start a clothing line inspired by my travels; in 2019 Ellemichelle Style LLC was launched online with a handful of reversible items to help make packing easier. Today Ellemichelle has developed into a lifestyle line to celebrate the joys of traveling both on vacation and at home.

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Lana Michelle Block

 Lana Michelle Block & her daughter in Beijing, China.